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20.09.2013 00:52

Hotel più a misura d'uomo occidentale per le olimpiadi

Con l'avvento delle Olimpiadi per il 2020 a Tokyo, gli alberghi saranno adattati anche alle esigenze degli occidentali: camere più grandi e letti piu spaziosi. forse anche i bagni. Che sia un cambio di tendenza? LEGGI L'ARTICOLO


20.09.2013 00:48

Insegnante di pallavolo prende a schiaffi alunno

Ecco la notizia (eng) e il video del prof che prende a ceffoni un alunno e che, come è giusto che sia, ha fatto molto scalpore: CLICCA QUI


16.09.2013 02:25

I fast food più amati in Giappone

Ecco un interessante articolo sulle preferenze in relazione ai fast-food in Giappone: LEGGI QUI


14.09.2013 18:09

Ora Family Mart è presente anche nelle Filippine (eng)

On April 7, 2013 (Sunday), FamilyMart will open its first convenience store in the Philippines, the FamilyMart Glorietta3 store. With this opening, FamilyMart operates convenience stores in nine countries and regions, including Japan. Looking ahead, FamilyMart will continue expanding its...


14.09.2013 18:05

Da Kitakyushu a Sendai a piedi dopo essere stato rapinato. Ragazzo di 25 anni dato per disperso torna a casa... (eng)

A Japanese man who was robbed in the city of Kitakyushu has decided to walk more than 800 miles to get back home in Sendai after he was left with no wallet and mobile phone. LEGGI L'ARTICOLO (The Tokyo Times)


14.09.2013 18:02

Ragazza neozelandese di orgine Maori rifiutata da un onsen in Hokkaido per i suoi tatuaggi (eng)

HOKKAIDO — A Maori woman was barred from a public bath in Japan because her traditional face tattoos fell foul of rules intended to keep mobsters away, she told AFP Friday. New Zealander Erana Te Haeata Brewerton, who was attending an academic meeting on indigenous languages, said she was refused...


14.09.2013 18:00

Sempre in tema robot, Kirobo ha mandato le sue prime parole dallo spazio (eng)

Kirobo, Japan’s robo-astronaut that was sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in August, has uttered the first robotic words in space, combining cutting-edge technology with cuteness. LEGGI L'ARTICOLO (The Tokyo Times)  


14.09.2013 17:57

Hanoi: insegnante di giappobese robot (eng)

Geminoid F, an android created after a real female model, taught Japanese classes in Hanoi this week. The robot was developed in 2010 by a group of researchers led by Osaka University Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro. LEGGI L'ARTICOLO (The Tokyo Times)


14.09.2013 17:54

Madre cerca di uccidere bambino di 4 anni ad Hiroshima (eng)

HIROSHIMA — Police in Hiroshima on Friday arrested a 39-year-old woman for attempted murder after she allegedly abused her 4-month-old daughter last month. According to police, the woman, identified as Chiyo Oki, abused her daughter at around 3 p.m. on Aug 23 by wrapping a towel around her mouth...


14.09.2013 17:53

Senkaku-Dyaoyus: alla fine chi la spunterà? (eng)

TOKYO — Four Chinese ships entered waters around islands at the centre of a bitter dispute with Japan on Saturday with no sign of a compromise seen between Asia’s two largest powers. The four Chinese coast guard vessels sailed into the 12-nautical-mile territorial waters around the Tokyo-controlled...