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Donna 40 enne ferita a causa del treno

13.01.2014 00:16

Donna 40 enne resta ferita dopo che la borsa gli rsta incastrata nella porta del treno che partendo 'ha costretta a correre per parecchi metri sulla banchina.

da JapanToday:

Woman injured after train departs with her bag strap caught in door

Police and JR officials said Saturday that a 40-year-old woman who was running to catch a JR Yamanote line train before it departed from Kanda Station got her bag stuck in the train doors and was forced to run along the platform for 50 meters as the train began moving forward.

The train eventually stopped but the woman, who had been holding on to the handle of her bag, fell five meters from the platform injuring her head, Sports Nippon reported.

According to JR East, the incident occurred just after 12 noon on Thursday. Another commuter who had been standing on the platform hit the emergency stop button, and the conductor also noticed the woman on the side of the train and had already begun stopping the train. 

The woman said the strap of her handbag got caught in the door. Before departing, the conductor flashed the “all doors closing” indicator light as he checked to make sure all doors were clear of people. However, because the strap of the bag the woman had been carrying was so thin, there is a chance he was not able to see it and thus, continued on with departure procedures.