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Okinawa - arrestata stalker tramite delega...

10.01.2014 00:25

Okinawa - ragazza 23enne arrestata dopo aver assoldato tramite un sito internet una stalker per infastidire il suo ex. Spesso gli sono arrivati scarafaggi morti a casa. Alla fine si e' risaliti alla mandante.


Da JapanToday:


Woman arrested on harassment charges after using 'proxy stalker'

Police in Okinawa have arrested a 23-year-old woman after she used a “revenge” website to get another woman to harass her ex-boyfriend.

According to police, Ayaka Ishii, a food-service employee and a resident of Okinawa city, was one of two women who met on an online ex-boyfriend “revenge” site set up to harass former partners.

TV Asahi reported that after her 25-year-old boyfriend, with whom she had been living, broke up with her last August, Ishii sent a threatening anonymous letter to him stating, “I will get payback, from your friends, from your family, I will.”

According to police, Ishii had sent the letter via 27-year-old Marina Yokoro, a woman she met on an online revenge forum.

Police said Ishii has denied all charges. However, police have confirmed that Yokoro sent dead cockroaches to the family of Ishii’s former boyfriend on numerous occasions.