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Lettera dal passato

Uno studente ora ventenne ha postato in rete una lettera che aveva scritto lui stesso quando aveva 14 anni rivolgendosi al lui di 6 anni più grande.

Il testo della lettera, divenuto virale, è questo (in inglese):

28/1/2010 (Thurs.) 2:27pm
To my 20-year-old self,

Are you alive? Or are you dead? Have you become a train driver? And do you remember when you wrote this letter to yourself? You probably don’t remember (lol). What are you doing now? I’ll be disappointed if you’re just working some part-time job. But if you’re working at JR [Japan Rail]… Ohh yeeeah, I got into JR!!! That would be the best. Oh, that’s right, six years ago you really liked going places by train. When I’m an adult I wanna travel someplace farther away. How do you feel now? You haven’t stopped feeling like you wanna travel somewhere by train someday have you? If you forgot, you better remember! Ahh, I’m tired of writing. By the way, my handwriting was terrible wasn’t it? Mom always gets mad at me for it…….. Anyway, this letter probably doesn’t mean much to you. But I did really write it earnestly! Well, good luck with the rest of your life. From, Yourself six years ago

(fonte: rocketnews24)