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Tokyo - 3 donne aggredite

28.01.2014 23:28

Continuano le follie in Giappone. A Tokyo tre donne vengono assalite da un'altra donna giovane e colpite alla testa, apparentemente senza motivo.

Dal JapanToday:

Woman attacks 3 older women in Tama Police on Tuesday said that three women sustained minor head injuries after being assaulted one after the other by another woman in Tama, Tokyo, on Monday afternoon. After hitting the women on the head, the female suspect fled the scene, police said. According to police, the first incident occurred at around 1:25 p.m. TBS reported that two women, aged 77 and 67, walking along in front of Odakyu Tama Center train station, when they were suddenly struck on the head by an unknown young woman who promptly fled the scene. Approximately 10 minutes later, a 52-year-old woman was attacked, apparently by the same woman, 500 meters away from the scene of the first incident. Police said the suspect is in her 20s, approximately 160 cm tall, and was wearing a white jacket and pants. The three injured women told police they did not know the attacker.